As we say goodbye to Summer, we enter a new season- Autumn. Similar to how humans adapt their behaviour and everyday lifestyle at this time of year, so does your dog. Read on to find out what to be aware of…


Darker mornings and evenings mean you´ll probably be walking your dog in poorly lit conditions. Reflective collars are an essential accessory ensuring the safety of your pet, your four-legged friend will be visible by you but also any potentially hazardous vehicles. Happy Tails stock some great options in a range of sizes.

On the subject of accessories, temperatures drop at this time of year which can leave your pup feeling chilly, it´s important that you upgrade your dog´s summer bed to a cosy winter one and explore the wide range of outerwear available.



Potential Hazards

Many dogs suffer from allergies in the Autumnal season causing nasty symptoms ranging from itchy

skin to watery eyes. It´s important that you´re vigilant as a dog owner and consult a veterinary professional if you notice any suspicious reactions. Regular bathing also helps to cleanse your dog´s skin from any debris that may trigger an allergy.

Mushrooms- if you walk your dog in woodland, be aware that many mushrooms are poisonous and can be deadly if ingested. As an extra precaution, check your garden daily as mushrooms can grow overnight.

Ensure your dog is regularly treated for fleas and ticks, you may think that as the temperature drops, insects are a thing of the past but you couldn´t be more wrong. Your pet is particularly vulnerable at this time of the year.



Last but in no way least, booking your dog in for regular grooming sessions throughout Autumn and Winter is particularly important as your pet enters a new cyclical shedding process. Longer hairs are now growing to support your dog´s body temperature in the colder weather. Coats can become unruly, matted and generally out of control if not well maintained by a grooming professional. Upkeep is just as important in the colder season as it is in Summer, not to mention the pampering side of things!

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