At Happy Tails, we work with meticulous attention to detail, assessing your pet´s overall health and wellbeing. We work closely with our neighbouring veterinary clinic so if we do notice something suspicious or cause for concern, you will be notified sooner rather than later.

Time and time again, we see poor ear health whereby your dog´s ear canals are blocked or infected, red and itchy. Ears are often overlooked as a dog owner but it´s vital that we start to become more aware of potential problems that can arise in this sensitive part of your pet´s body.

How often should your dog´s ears be cleaned?

This all depends on what type of ears your dog has. Are your dog´s ears floppy or contain lots of fur? If the answer is yes, your dog´s ears need to cleaned at least once every two weeks. A groomer should also maintain the fur growth around the ear area.

Where do you usually walk your dog? If its in highly wooded areas or water, then its important to clean your pet´s ears after every walk if you notice any sign of debris.

Your vet can show you the best method to ensure your dog´s ears are clean.

When should you consult a veterinary professional?

Dog cleaning at home is a preventative method but if you see any one of these signs, do not hesitate to contact your vet:

Scabbing or open skin
Smells or discharge
Hair loss around the ear area


Most ear infections can be treated with a course of antibiotics so once the condition has been cleared up, you can continue using natural ear cleaner at home.

Our Top Ear Cleaning Product

We highly recommend the ´Topical Ear Cleaner´ by Dogkind. Derived from natural ingredients such as witch hazel, tea tree oil and aloe vera, these essential ingredients combine to form an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic tonic. The ideal product to combat dirt, blocked ear canals and foul smells.


Be sure to check the ears of your pooch today!

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