Happy Tails are professionally trained to cater to the specialist needs of your dog. As well as personalising the products we use to each and every one of your pets, factoring in skin type, coat texture, age etc We also customise our cutting techniques. Consistent training and seminar participation ensure that our team are effectively informed all about the ins and outs of the pet grooming industry. Read on to find out the selection of grooming styles that we offer..

The Teddy Bear

The objective of this cut is to keep the body and legs all one length and not too short but to encourage a rounder facial shape. The name is coined because this particular cut gives the appearance of youth and transforms your dog in to a real-life cuddly toy.

The Westie

The technique of stripping is used to remove the dog´s loose undercoat. The coat is trimmed to follow the natural line of the body and maintains the longer skirt-like fur of the legs and underbelly. The face is groomed into a round chrysanthemum shape by plucking and stripping any stray fur in this area.

The Schnauzer

This cut is known for its elegant appearance and is achieved by hand stripping or clipping the main body of the dog to leave the furnishing and skirt of the underbelly and legs. Particular detail is placed on the face, defined eyebrows and beard are formed and the ears and cheeks shaved.

The Yorkshire

This particular style can differ as some owners like their Yorkie to maintain a long length all over, coats even reaching the floor in some cases. However, others prefer a more easily maintained look by trimming the body to a short length, but keeping length in the skirt, legs and face. An additional unique aspect to this cut are the ears, they are often trimmed to a sharp point which has a very striking appearance when their ears are sticking upwards.

The Double Layer

A range of dog breeds have double layered coats whereby a dense undercoat grows underneath a longer layer of hair. If the undercoat is not regularly and effectively removed, this can cause discomfort and overheating. Stripping is an effective method to remove all the dead undercoat to allow your dog´s skin to breathe and maintain an overall clean and tidy appearance. Examples of breeds that have this type of coat are the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Pomeranian and Siberian Husky, to name just a few.

The Cocker Spaniel

A long-haired Cocker Spaniel is known for its characteristic shape which comically looks like your dog is wearing trousers. This shape is maintained unless another style is specifically requested by the owner. Cocker Spaniels also have a double layered coat which responds well to stripping. This breed is prone to ear infections so the grooming in this particular area is crucial to your pet´s health.

The Frise

This look is a show stopper and very known in dog shows due to it´s impressive appearance. This hair style requires a lot of skill and is achieved with scissors not clippers. For this particular cut, the dog´s undercoat is left thick and puffy, and the outer coat curly, giving a cotton candy appearance and texture.

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