When we think about pet grooming, the idea of grooming a cat is often overlooked. It´s seen as either a comical notion or we assume with all the licking that goes on, cats are more than capable of grooming themselves. However, there are places that cats can´t reach and there is a lot more to cat grooming than one may think. Correct and consistent grooming sessions are a vital part of your cat´s health and psychological well-being. Keep on reading to find out why…

Eliminates Discomfort

Matting is a common problem for both long haired and short haired cats and can be painful if left untreated. The matts pull on your cat´s skin causing sores, made worse by the irritation of hidden dirt and debris. Cats are also known for self-cleaning, which can become dangerous if your cat is ingesting an unnecessary amount of loose fur, which should be professionally removed.

Protect Paws

Domestic cats don´t wear their nails down in the same way that feral cats do and this can become a problem similar to an ingrown nail for a human. Nail trimming is a crucial part of your cat´s health and general grooming to prevent any unnecessary discomfort and pain.

Prevent Ear Infections

Fluid, dirt, wax and even ear mites can build up in your cat´s ears which can lead to a nasty ear infection, a regular clean can help to maintain your cat´s ear health as well as their general happiness.

Banish The Onset Of Fleas and Ticks

At Happy Tails, special natural products are used to prevent your cat having fleas and ticks. Not to mention our Ozone spa treatments which eradicate any trace of infestation on your cat´s skin and coat.


Calming Effect

Grooming in general, desensitizes your cat to being handled so they become more docile and seemingly nicer to have around! This can be particularly beneficial for cats that suffer from anxiety or those with behavioural problems.

Overall Abnormality Check

When your cat is booked in for a groom, their coat, skin and overall body is examined which makes anything unusual more detectable. The groomer will become more familiar with your cat over time and therefore will be more aware of any changes that occur such as sensitive spots, lumps, bumps or general irritation. Early detection is paramount when it comes to your cat´s overall health.

Unlike other pet groomers, at Happy Tails it isn´t necessary for your cat to be under anaesthesia during their grooming session. We are professionally trained to keep your pet calm and anxiety free throughout their appointment.

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