Why do dogs need their nails trimmed?

If a dog´s nails get too long, they can split and become painful to touch, affecting the way your pet walks and carries out his/her daily life. In extreme cases of neglect, the nails can curve and grow back in to the foot pad which could require surgery.

When dogs spend a lot of time outdoors, running and walking on concrete surfaces, their nails naturally wear down making them more manageable but nowadays pets stay at home a lot while their owner works and are exercised mostly on grassy and soft surfaces which means that their nails don´t receive the friction they require.

This is even more apparent in the warmer months when the ground is too hot to walk your dog on, we are discouraged to walk our pets on asphalt surfaces that heat up easily but these are the surfaces that help to mantain nail condition.


What´s the right length?

The general rule is that if your pooch´s nails make contact with the ground when your pet is standing, this is a sign they need a trim. You dog shouldn´t make a sound when walking.

How do you cut your dog´s nails?

You can either use a nail clipper, similar to what us humans use or a grinding machine. Remember to buy a nail clipper that´s the right size for your dog´s breed, if the nail clipper is too big, it can slip, making a nasty accident more likely. The grinder is effective in sanding down your doggie´s nails but be careful not to get carried away or you could cut into the nerve bed within the nail´s structure.

If the idea of cutting your dog´s nails scares you, the team at Happy Tails are professionally trained in nail care and can manage the length of your pup´s nails at each grooming appointment.



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