´To Your Spot´

Directing your dog to their bed or designated spot in the household can improve a multitude of behavioural nuisances such as begging at the table, chasing the cat or general disruptive behaviour. This command also encourages your dog´s independence which in turn improves their self-esteem as they become more accustomed to being apart from their owner for short periods.

Make Eye Contact

It is often the case that dogs avoid eye contact as this is seen as a threatening form of behavioural cue in a dog´s world. However, eye contact is a great way to encourage positive behaviour from your dog, it can help to distract your pooch from negative responses such as barking and also is known to manage conditions such as anxiety and nervousness.


You can notice a huge difference in a dog´s behaviour once changing their diet. Like humans, we don´t function well on a highly processed diet and the same can be said for dogs. Additives and preservatives can have a negative effect on your dog causing irritability, hyperactivity, anxiety and destructive behaviour. Happy Tails promote a healthy lifestyle and diet for your dog and only stock the highest quality organic food, rich in nutrients and vitamins.


Social Engagement


If you have the opportunity to arrange a ´play date ‘for your dog, this is a great way to get your fur baby socialising with others.  For dogs with high energy levels, activities such as agility classes and ball throwing are fantastic way to burn excess energy.

Reinforce Good Behaviour

This might seem like an obvious one but is paramount to the success of improving your dog´s overall behaviour. Owners regularly pay attention to negative behaviours such as excess barking, begging etc which teaches your dog to repeat these behaviours. Whereas what we should be doing is rewarding good behaviour like following commands, promoting a calm and relaxed relationship between you and your four legged friend.


Our selection of delicious training treats in store are proven to be an excellent way to help promote good behaviour in your dog. Pop in and we can have a chat about the available options we have on offer!


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