Dog owners often assume the most efficient dog grooming session involves a full shave but this couldn´t be further from the truth. Shaving a dog´s coat can have serious health implications. Read on to hear why…

  • A dog´s coat is designed to regulate their body temperature and keep your pet cool in the hotter months and warm in the colder season. If you shave their coat, they will be prone to heat stroke, not to mention, chilly when the temperature drops.
  • Your pet´s coat helps to protect them from sunburn, if their coat is shaved, it exposes their skin to the sun which poses as a serious health risk. A dog´s coat is only 6-10 layers deep compared to a human´s 16-20 layers.
  • Your dog´s coat helps to protect them from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and all other nasty creepy crawlies.
  • If you shave your dog´s coat regularly, over time this can cause issues such as alopecia and balding.
  • Some people think that by shaving a dog´s hair, it reduces the symptoms of allergies they have but it actually has the reverse effect. Pet allergies are caused by the ´dander´ which are the dead skin cells under the coat. These cells obviously become more exposed if the fur is shaved.
  • Shaving your dog does not stop his or her fur shedding. The rate at which the fur sheds has no correlation with how long the fur is.


At Happy Tails, we are professionally trained in a multitude of grooming methods to suit your dog´s coat and skin, ensuring your pet is happy and healthy. Read all about our fantastic ´Stripping´ technique in our previous blog.

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